but there's another way...

You can still get yours in The Official Shark Week™ Box.

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Created exclusively for The Official Shark Week™ Box, these one-of-a-kind bobbleheads are hand-crafted and hand-painted in stunning detail. Each bobble includes a lucky (or unlucky) seal that can be placed in the water as it swims to escape or in the clutches of the Great White's jaws.

300 randomly selected customers will receive the gold-painted bobblehead to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Shark Week™! Will you be one of the lucky recipients of this limited-edition collectible?

Exclusive Shark Week™ Heat-Changing Mug

Hold tight as the research vessel plunges to the depths of the ocean's darkest waters. Fill this heat-activated transforming mug with your favorite warm beverage and discover what lurks below. Watch a shiver of interesting sharks appear right before your eyes!

Shark Week™ Kinetic Sand

Shark Week™ Shark Sand isn’t found on any beach. This kinetic sand is a fun, interactive toy that’s made to be molded, squeezed, packed, and shaped into your favorite shark shape (or any shape). It's soft, stretchy, and never dries out! 

Exclusive Shark Week™ T-Shirt

Show your Shark Week™ pride with this limited-edition t-shirt that can ONLY be found in The Official Shark Week™ Box! The repeating wave pattern features a shiver of sharks lurking just below the surface and a very worried seal printed in white on an ultra-soft heathered gray shirt.